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Can we really use “green tea” to treat acne?

Green tea that we are familiar with contains natural plant compounds called catechins. Which are like antibiotics to help fight inflammation anti free radicals. With antibacterial and how to treat acne on our face. One 2017 study found that another compound in green tea, polyphenols, could help prevent the facial sebaceous

Great benefits from Ginseng.

Korean ginseng a good body nourishing herb that has been dubbed “King of Herbs”. Because only the tip of a small root but with many benefits to the body. Whether it’s nourishing the brain, nourishing the blood, increasing power, increasing sexual performance for men. And many more as rumored. But with wrong values who thinks

Tips to Lose Belly Fat.

Too much belly fat can increase your risk of certain chronic conditions. Drinking less alcohol, eating more protein and lifting weights are just a few steps. You can take to lose belly fat. Eat plenty of soluble fiber Soluble fiber absorbs water and forms a

How they’re made Greek yogurt?

Regular and Greek yogurt are cultured (or fermented) dairy products. Along with sour cream, buttermilk, and kefir menu. Fermented dairy products are make by converting lactose — milk’s naturally occurring sugar. Into lactic acid by using certain bacteria, also called starter cultures UFABET In fact, both regular and

Benefits of Quinoa.

Quinoa is gluten-free and packed with nutrients like protein, zinc, fiber, and folate. As well as antioxidants. Quinoa doesn’t take long to prepare and you can add it to your food diet in both sweet and savory dishes. Has gained popularity as a health food

How alcohol affects your weight loss?

Reducing the amount of alcohol you consume may help support weight loss. As it often contains “empty calories” and can impact your organ systems drinking. 1. Alcohol is often “empty” calories Alcoholic drinks are often referred to as “empty” calories. This means that they provide

Lavender Scent Combines Benefits.

Lavender is a purple flower that many people are familiar with. In addition to being able to extract scents for use in various fields. Such as perfume making or mixed in food to flavor and appetizing Lavender. And its extracts may also have medicinal properties that can help

Benefits of scented candles.

At present, scented candles are becoming increasingly popular. Because it helps to warm up the atmosphere in the house. In addition, the aroma of scented candles helps to relieve body stress. Help relieve illness. And help to sleep better. In volatile perfume contains small molecules that can bind to

Causes of chills.

Normally, the body keeps the core temperature around 37°C. Chills occur when this temperature drops. Such as when in a cold place. The chills can also be a symptom of other illnesses, such as: 1. Fever Fever is usually caused by an infection in the

Benefits of the MIND Diet.

The MIND Diet is a combination of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH Diet) and the Mediterranean Diet.  Which is a healthy diet that helps lower blood pressure. Nourish the brain and heart. Reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Researchers who invented the MIND Diet have