Lavender Scent Combines Benefits.

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Lavender is a purple flower that many people are familiar with. In addition to being able to extract scents for use in various fields. Such as perfume making or mixed in food to flavor and appetizing Lavender. And its extracts may also have medicinal properties that can help treat certain diseases.

Lavender essential oil and lavender tea are among the most commonly used and consumed products. Because it is believed that it may have therapeutic properties or treat certain illnesses and disorders as follows:


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils obtained from the extraction of fragrant plants to treat illnesses. Many people believe that lavender essential oil may help them relax. Reduce stress and anxiety. It may also help reduce mild pain. The research found that Applying lavender extract along with sage extract and rose extract. May help relieve menstrual pain UFABET

However, at present, there are not many studies on lavender’s properties in this area. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for additional research in the future. And although the use extract has a low risk of side effects. But consumers should use this extract with caution. By strictly following the instructions on the label. Avoid using extracts that are too concentrated. And keep it covered in a place where children cannot reach.

Sleep problems.

Lavender is a flower that has long been used to treat insomnia or other sleep problems. Some people put lavender in their pillows. Or drop essential oil on the pillow. To help you sleep better Some researchers have found. That lavender extract may help treat headaches. Anxiety So a massage with oil may help calm and treat insomnia.

Although there is some research to support the properties in this area. But it was not enough and was only collected from a small sample. Therefore, further research should be conducted. To confirm the efficacy in this field clearly before actually applying.